Course Taught

  • EELE 0578: Wireless Communications (Lakehead University)

  • EELE 4137: Computer Networking (Lakehead University)

  • EELE 0651: Computer Organization (Lakehead University)

  • EELE 3312: High-Performance Embedded Systems (Lakehead University)

  • EELE 4133: Digital Communications (Lakehead University)

  • CENG 2030: Introduction to Digital Signal Processing (Thompson Rivers University)

  • SENG 3110: Algorithms and Data Structures (Thompson Rivers University)

  • ENGR 2400: Engineering Economics (Thompson Rivers University)

  • APSC 1200: Introduction to Engineering (Thompson Rivers University)

  • COMP 1520: Principles of Software Development (Thompson Rivers University)

Teaching Certificates

Topics covered: course planning and design, building community, engaging and motivating students, and facilitating assessment.

  • Designed to enhance the teaching effectiveness of both new and experienced educators.

  • Used an intensive experiential learning approach.

Topics covered: active learning, inclusive classrooms, information literacy, statements of teaching philosophy, and presentation skills.

Topics covered: lecturing, course design, grading and assessment, teaching dossiers, and using technology in teaching.