Research Areas

In the last few years, I have been working on communication networking aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT), with emphasis on algorithm design, network architecture development, and system-level performance analysis. I, along with my students, colleagues, and supervisors, have designed novel algorithms and communication protocols for IoT networks, that have both (i) enhanced network performance, in terms of spectrum efficiency, coverage, and energy efficiency, and (ii) satisfied a wide range of IoT devices’ requirements and constraints. My research interests include:

  • Wireless technologies, standards, and protocols for the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Resource management in 5G and beyond networks

  • Reconfigurable wireless networks

  • Software-defined wireless sensor networks

  • Energy Harvesting in IoT

  • Machine learning application in IoT

  • Design, analysis, and deployment of IoT smart city applications

Research Grants

[G10] "Resource Optimization for UAV-assisted Wireless Connectivity in Rural/Remote Areas", Lakehead SRC Research Development Fund (PI), 2021-22.

[G9] "IoT-based Rental Item Location Tracking System," Mitacs Accelerate, (PI, $30,000), 2020-21.

[G8] "Self-sustainable Collaboration among Aerial-Terrestrial-Sea Networks towards 6G," Funded by Lakehead University (PI), 2020-2022.

[G7] "Resource Management for Massive Connectivity in Future Wireless Networks," Funded by NSERC Discovery Grant, (PI, $33,000 per year for five=$165,000), 2020-25.

[G6] DGECR-Discovery Launch Supplement, Funded by NSERC (PI, $12,500), 2020.

[G5] "Resource Management in Next Generation Wireless Networks for Internet of Things," Funded by Thompson Rivers University Research Accelerate Grant (PI, $2,400, 4 Months), 2019.

[G4] "IoT Platform for Transparency and Traceability of Food Supply Chain," Funded by Thompson Rivers University Internal Research Fund. (PI, $5,000, 1 Year), 2019-20.

[G3] "Internet of Things for Public Safety in Smart Cities," Funded by Research Incentive fund, Zayed University, UAE. (Co-PI, $43,500, 1 Year), 2019-20.

[G2] "A Horizontal IoT Framework for Energy Management in Smart Residential," Funded by Deanship of Research Grant, SQU. (Co-investigator, $10,000, 1 Year), 2018-19.

[G1] "Internet of Things in 5G Networks for Smart Cities," Funded by King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia. (Co-PI, $20,000, 1 Year), 2017-18.